A little espresso recipe exercise for simple domestic espresso machine

A little espresso recipe exercise for simple domestic espresso machine


I’m exploring several espresso recipes with light roasted heirloom Ethiopian beans, roasted 2 month ago.

I use the same amount of beans but different yield, then different grind. I also play with the tamping and the distribution of the grind.

As a guideline, I used Matt Perger’s method, which is very simple and very efficient.

20151128_131724As I am using a domestic espresso machine and light roasted beans, it will be quite hard to obtain a great recipe, however I successfully crafted a sweet syrupy but slightly under extracted espresso.

My recipe was very simple – 17 g of very fine ground coffee, yield 40g and extraction 1’03”! Well, although my espresso was quite okay!

20151128_130826I also played with the distribution of the grind and tamping which if poorly done created quite a sour shot.

Finally after 1 hour of fun with my little domestic espresso machine, I played with little milk frother  for home made latte art.

The reason why I am doing these exercise is for a new course I hope to teach early January for people who wants to enjoy a decent espresso based drinks at home.

Contact me in January for booking. CoffeeBreakbbm@gmail.com

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