Who Is Régine?

Régine, Freelance Traveling AST and Professional Coffee Volunteer

Régine loves coffee. She has a stack of green coffee books on her bedside table, sleeps with her refractometer, dreams of the perfect extraction, cups every morning, then drinks coffee throughout the day.
Training is her passion, and connecting with new coffee people is as essential to her as breathing.
Régine drunk coffee for the fist time in Martinique when she was 7… When she stole her Gran’s cup of coffee! Delicious!
Régine, started her journey as a coffee trainer at a High Street Coffee Company in London, around 2011.
After achieving her Brewing and Barista Skills SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) diplomas she became an AST (Authorised SCA Trainer) in 2016, then added SCA Sensory Skills and SCA Green Coffee modules to her AST teaching.
Barista Camp 2016, in Estonia, Régine had the privilege to be an assistant AST for the Barista Skills foundation module and Sensory Skills foundation module, and Barista Camp 2017, in Poland, volunteer for Barista Skills Intermediate and Sensory Skills Intermediate which allow her to work with great ASTs who improved her training technique.
Régine runs Karibu Kahawa Barista Camps in Nairobi, and SCA courses from Central America to all over Europe.
As a Professional Volunteer, Régine helps everywhere she can from coffee farms to coffee festivals.
You will meet her somewhere around the world for a cup of coffee!
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