Homemade Coffee Bar Soaps… and Coffee Oil!

What can be done with coffee waste?
Many things!

Well, I found this article that describe 16 ways to use old ground coffee https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/uses-for-coffee-grounds

Myself, I made Coffee Bar Soaps using my favourite oils and used ground coffee.

  • To start, I will need to make my Coffee Infused Coconut Oil, using
    • 500g of used ground coffee
    • 2L of Coconut oil
    • 1L of Virgin oil
    • 1/2 of the fresh peel of a large pomelo (Clean thoroughly your pomelo peel before using it)
  • Mix the oils and the coffee. Let the mix infused in a warm environment for 3 weeks
  • After the 3 weeks, sieve the oil to remove the ground coffee. (Do not throw it away!!)
  • Add the pomelo peel in the oil.
  • Let the peel infuse in the oil for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • After 2 weeks, your oil is ready to be used – DAILY!!. You can keep the peel infusing in the oil.
    • Use the leftover coffee for weekly head to toe scalp and skin scrub.
      The oil contain in the coffee will soften your skin and scalp, stimulate your hair growth and soften your hair (mostly for afro natural hair).
    • The ground coffee used on your skin and/or hair will also scrub the pipe drain and absorb bad smell coming from it!
    • Keep the oil in a cupboard, at room temperature.
    • You can use the oil DAILY on your scalp for your roots, your hair, underneath your eyes – to reduce puffiness….

Now my coffee oil is ready, I can make the soap.

I used

*Coffee infused Coconut Oil
*Macadamia Oil
*Virgin Olive Oil
*Sunflower Oil

All organic!

*Caustic soda and water (use a calculator in order to know how caustic soda you should use!!)

I added some of the ground coffee used for my coffee oil, to the mix.

Check that video to know how to make homemade soap, the safe way to use caustic soda and to get some useful tips!

Then I poured my mix in silicone trays.
Let the soap harden.
Then sliced and cured the bar soaps for 6 to 8 weeks, until they reach a soft pH of 8.

My bar soap is ready to be used.
It leaves my skin moisturised, soft and fresh!

Love it!

Régine Guion-Firmin


One thought on “Homemade Coffee Bar Soaps… and Coffee Oil!

  1. Excellent, merci pour cette recette et merci de nous faire découvrir les trésors du café, l’économie circulaire du café, c’est l’avenir.

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