Bio Charcoal with Coffee Waste

Hello Roasters and Baristi friends!

Here a new way to re-use your coffee waste and fight deforestation – Bio Charcoal!

It is quite simple to make.
You will need

1kg Dry Used Ground Coffee or Coffee Chaff or mix of both
33g of Lime (for your gardening)
130g of Corn Starch
1L to 1,5L of Boiling Hot Water
Muffin Baking Tray

  1. In a large bowl or basin, put your coffee waste. If you use ground coffee, let it well dry over several days. You don’t want it to mould. If you use coffee chaff, it will be easier to mix it with ground coffee. Up to you to see what mix ratio you want to do. Make that there’s no block of dry coffee, it should all be a nice powder.
  2. Add the lime. BUT before that!! Make sure to crush the lime until you get a nice powder. Then mix it thoroughly to your coffee waste mix. You can use your bare hand, no danger!
  3. Add the Corn Starch then mix thoroughly.
  4. Add the boiling hot water, then mix thoroughly until the mix get the texture of a dense porridge.
  5. Make little patty and put them into your muffin baking tray.
  6. Let your coffee well dry for a week under the sun.
  7. Remove your briquettes from the tray, and let them dry for a few more day. You want well dry!
  8. Once dry, they are ready to use with some lighter fluid. And they smell delicious!!

Régine L. Guion-Firmin

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