Perky Flavours at Project 660

Perky Flavours at Project 660

This morning started with a production cupping…

What is cupping?

Cupping is a way of tasting coffee in order to discover its flavours and notes, qualities and defects. Therefore we controlled the quality of our coffee.

How tasty was our coffee?

Tom, our head roaster and co-owner of Perky Blenders, really entertain our taste buds by well developing the fruity notes of the coffee. We cupped coffee from Rwanda which has notes of Rhubarb, Tangerine and Blackberry, coffee from Nicaragua with some dark chocolate and cherry notes, coffee from Brazil which tasted like peanut butter sweeten with molasse  and finally a juicy Ethiopian coffee with exotic fruit tea notes.

All these different will be in our Forest Blend and our current Blend of the month “Ruby”.

Well, what about learning about cupping coffee, or anything else about coffee?

At Project 660 we offer a wide range of courses, from homebrewing to certified courses by the prestigious Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), we will also be hosting several fun competitions and cupping sessions.

Check our education program on, if you cannot find the course you want at an ideal time for you, contact me, Régine, at, we will arrange something for you.

Mikey, our Barber and On-site Barista trainer, Jules, our head of production and Régine, our Head of training.

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