Stow’s 2nd Unconventional Championships at 56 Coffee Shop

But why this championship is unconventional?

  1. The contestants have a class before the contest starts, so even new users can enter the competition.
  2. The coffee is ground by the host, so all the contestants have the same grind size, chaff and fine included. But they decide on the dose they will use for their brew as they all receive an average of 25g of ground coffee.
  3. There is no technical judges but only sensory judges. They cannot talk between each other while judging. But, for the final round, as they have to choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, they can talk to each other.
  4. Well, more championships are coming, each time a different celebrating a different brewing methods.

Next Unconventional Championship, Wednesday 21st September starting at 5pm, in 56 St James in Walthamstow, the chosen brewing method will be the AeroPress (again!!), the chosen coffee roaster will be Perky Blender.

  • up to 15 contestants/coffee students per championship
  • only 9 contestants can enter the championship
  • £10 per person per contestant or/and coffee student (and get a shot of Coffee Cold Brew Liqueur)
  • Free for the supporters, kids, friends and pets.
  • 30min training sessions (only 6 persons can be trained hands on)

The 1st place will  win a brunch for 2 at 56 
The 2st place will win a 4 weeks membership from Today’s Bread
The 3rd place will win 2 free cocktails at 56