Karibu Kahawa Camps first SCA Sensory Skills Foundation in Nairobi!

Karibu Kahawa Camps SCA Sensory Skills foundation Course!

Last February 2018 we ran our first SCA course  – Sensory Skills Foundation – for a great student, Kibunja Samson.

Kibunja works in the coffee industry for 3 years, from Dormans Coffee to Barista Pro , he also works in ministry and, once he becomes an AST (Authorized SCA Trainer), he would like to provide a good coffee education to young people living in the slums of Nairobi, to be able to run their own coffee trolley, and promote Kenyan coffee to Kenyans, as they drink mostly tea… with a lot of milk and sugar!

Kibunja, after spending the all day enjoying our training centre for his SCA Sensory Skills, which he passed, and all our equipment necessary for the course, will come back for more SCA training this week – SCA Brewing Intermediate and SCA Barista Skills Intermediate.

Our courses and training are open to all, from Kenyan residents to anyone else around the world, from Coffee Farmers to Nairobi Baristas. The particularity of our SCA training centre is that the ASTs and Barista Trainers are all volunteers coming from all over the world to deliver Coffee Education at an affordable price and SCA Training just for the price of the SCA certification.

  • Worldwide residents will be housed in Nairobi and have a day trip at origin.
  • East African Residents can pay by installment.
  • To book for a course contact Regine KaribuKahawaCamps@gmail.com

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Regine L. Guion-Firmin.

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