SCA Education On Tour! Colombia – Day 1

First stop, Colombia. Day 1 – Introduction

Two years ago, I was a volunteer at the first New York Coffee Festival. There I met Angie, a dynamic Colombian woman who lives for coffee. At that time I was planning to become an AST by the beginning of the following year, I was still working for a commercial coffee company and getting more interested in Speciality Coffee.

Six months later, I became an AST, Barista Skills and Brewing, working at Caravan Coffee Roasters as a Trainer, and planning on adding Sensory Skills and Green Coffee on my curriculum. There I received a visit from Angie who came from Colombia to be a volunteer at the London Coffee Festival for the Coffee Masters competition.

Angie was my helper during the Coffee Masters competition. There we talk about our future in the Coffee Industry, her about helping farmers improving their coffee, me about bringing SCA education at origin. I promised Angie that I will run SCA course in Colombia for her.


Now, here we are, a year later, I am in Colombia with Angie, to run three, possibly four SCA courses. Angie, now write for Perfect Daily Grind español, and with her partner Jhon, a skilled agronomist, run a Ritual Coffee, a Coffee Lab in Ibagué, in the department of Tolima, a few hours from Bogotá. There, they help Jhon’s family farms and other coffee producers, to improve their producing skills and farming managements. For me, I run SCA courses anywhere in the world where it is needed.

First stop, Ibagué, second stop Nairobi, then last stop, for now, Paris.


Régine L. Guion-Firmin.

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