The Beanstitute Needs Your Help

The Beanstitute Needs Your Help

Dear ASTs, Roasters and Barista Trainers,

Sophie Mukua,director of the FTOK, and me, Régine Guion-Firmin, are building an SCA school are building a school in Kenya, The Beanstitute (read more about it here!).

Our goal is to offer Barista Training (and soon Roasting Training) and SCA education for Kenyan and Tanzanian Coffee professional (from Pickers to Baristas) at a very affordable price (free each time it is possible).

Giraffes Centre

In order to help us in our enterprise we need volunteers

  • ASTs
  • Barista Trainers
  • Roasters (soon)
  • Competition Organisers
  • Coaches…
Kenya Coffee Auction

In exchange for your service, we will offer free full board accommodation and chauffeur, a tour of Nairobi night life, a day at the Giraffe Centre, meeting with the local small holder farmers and small co-ops around the Mount Kenya.

Benjamin Kiari, from the Beanstitute running a course for the small holder farmers from the Embu region

We also are going to organise some affordable SCA courses at origins for all the non-resident students who want to discover Kenya and improve their knowledge. These paying students will fund the education of the resident Coffee Professional. For this we will need coffee camp organisers help and advice. 

Coffee Camp Organisers, in exchange of your help, you will also enjoy the same advantages as the other Volunteer Coffee Professional.

If you are interested and want to know more about this project, contact me at  (always cc

Equipment and Support welcome!

Contact me to have the complete list of needed equipment and support.

Sophie Mukua and Régine Guion-Firmin


See you in Nairobi!

Asante sana!


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