New SCA School in East London

Perky Blenders opens a New SCA School in East London

 Introducing the AST

Regine loves coffee. She has a stack of green coffee books on her bedside table, sleeps with her refractometer, dreams of the perfect extraction, cups every morning, then drinks coffee throughout the day.

Training is her passion, and connecting with new coffee people is as essential to her as breathing.

Regine, started her journey as a coffee trainer at Benugo. 

Last year, after getting her Brewing and Barista Skills SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) diplomas she decided to become an AST (Authorised SCAE Trainer), then work at Caravan Coffee Roasters as a Barista trainer and QC (Quality Control) for severals months , before adding SCA Sensory Skills module to her AST teaching.

Last Barista Camp, in Estonia, Regine had the privilege to be assistant AST for the Barista Skills foundation module and Sensory Skills foundation module which allow her to work with great ASTs who improved her teaching skills.

Since she added SCA Green Coffee module to her teaching and is working on SCA Roasting with Perky Blenders.

Whilst running SCA courses and fun coffee class at Perky Blenders, Régine and the enthusiastic Perky Blenders team, she will organise mini coffee competitions and events.

Find more info on

Régine L. Guion-Firmin.


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