Manchester Coffee Festival

Cup North

mcf-03 Some of you have heard of Cup North, now known as Manchester Coffee Festival, and perhaps you want to know more. Well, let Ricardo Gandara and Hannah Davies tell us about more about this refreshingly new festival, who I spoke to recently at Manchester Coffee Festival.


In the beginning…

Ricardo Gandara
Ricardo Gandara
Hannah Davies
Hannah Davies

For the last four years, we have been organising local community coffee events for baristas and coffee consumers around Manchester, and one day we were approached by a property company asking us to organize a large coffee event in one of their buildings, The Victoria Warehouse.

And so, we created Cup North – a coffee festival aimed at northern baristi and their consumers, a great occasion under one roof creating a large scale event introducing everyone to the vibrant northern coffee scene.

What about Cup North being part of the Spin Festival?

Spin was already working with London Coffee Festival, and when they decided to bring their festival to Manchester, they wanted to be associated with people who shared their views, so they asked us to make a smaller version Cup North during the Spin Festival last May – which was another success for Cup North! However this May edition was perhaps a one-off, as in the future we wish to concentrate on one major annual event, along with several smaller community events throughout the year.


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From Cup North to Manchester Coffee Festival.

mcf-02The name ‘Cup North’ was being perceived as somewhat hip and trendy, which in turn made the event appear to be somewhat too ‘exclusive’ and ‘niche’ for regular coffee consumers. A name-change was needed to something more meaningful, whilst at the same time distinguishing ourselves in the increasingly vast world of coffee… Manchester Coffee Festival was born!

What’s Next?

mcf-09With the Northern Barista Club, we wish to continue improving barista knowledge and increase networking through local events as well as hosting more Coffee Consumer Events to educate consumers. Also, hopefully, we will start working on the next Manchester Coffee Festival.

Did your Coffee Consumer Events and Northern Barista Club have an impact on the Manchester Coffee scene?

For the last four we have noticed a rising demand for more events – knowledge improvement events, from baristas who want to provide a better service to their costumers, along with ‘public’ events for regular coffee consumers who wish to become more aware of the back story behind coffee.

The Manchester Coffee scene has become more educated and now coffee professionals now provide a much better service which complements increasing consumer knowledge and awareness.

Régine Guion-Firmin.



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