6 Shades of Cascara


Panama Varietals

Natural Process Cascara

6 beautiful brews - 6 different shades of golden syrup

Recipe for the cold brew :

  • 12.5g of Cascara
  • 250ml of cold water
  • Steep the brew for 24 hours in the fridge
  • Remove them from the fridge 1 hour before cupping

Depending on their varietals, once brewed each Cascara becomes a different shade of gold.

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Recipe for the hot brew :

  • 11.5 of Cascara
  • 250ml of water heated at 98°C
  • stir 3 times after 1 minute of steeping
  • steep for 3 extra minutes then stir again
  • wait 10min before starting cupping

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  • Start with the first set of cold and hot cascara of the same varietals
  • Cup the cold brew cascara, once
  • Cup the hot brew cascara, once
  • Compare and then write your first impression
  • Go to the next set of cascara 
  • Finish cupping all the sets before starting again at the first set (go one way only- do not go back)
  • Cup each set of Cascara 3 times only!




(Finca Auromar / Santa Clara, Volcan / 1600m asl)

Cold Brew

  • Flavours: Tropical punch, mango juice infused with flowers
  • Acidity: Medium – Sweet slightly unripe pineapple
  • Sweetness: Medium – Light thistle infusion
  • Body: Light – Herbal tea like

Hot Brew

  • Flavours: earthy, herbal, floral, sweet cinnamon finish
  • Acidity: Low to medium – Lemongrass and aniseed
  • Sweetness: Medium to high – Thistle
  • Body: Light – Black tea like, very refreshing


(Finca Hartmann / Santa Clara, Volcan / 1700m asl)

Cold Brew

  • Flavour: Candy cane, honeysuckle
  • Acidity: Medium to high – Sour pineapple candy
  • Sweetness: Medium to high – Sugar cane
  • Body: Medium – Light golden syrup

Hot Brew

  • Flavour: Honey, white grape
  • Acidity: Medium – Sour grape
  • Sweetness: Medium to high – Acacia honey
  • Body: Medium to Heavy – Syrupy yoghurt


(Finca Hartmann / Santa Clara, Volcan / 1600m asl)

Cold Brew

  • Flavour: Juicy ripe apricot nectar, blackcurrant
  • Acidity: Medium to high – Red berries cocktail
  • Sweetness: High – Ripe stone fruit
  • Body: Medium to heavy – Thick fleshy fruit

Hot Brew

  • Flavour: Cherries, blackcurrant, pineapple
  • Acidity: High – Sweet and Sour red fruits
  • Sweetness: High – Red fruit jam
  • Body: Medium to heavy – Coating fruit nectar 


(Carmen Estate / Volcan / 1800m asl)

Cold Brew

  • Flavour: Dark caramel
  • Acidity: Low – Floral infusion
  • Sweetness: High – Golden syrup
  • Body: Medium to heavy – Coating

Hot Brew

  • Flavour: Fruit punch sweeten with caramel
  • Acidity: Medium – Soft orange
  • Sweetness: Medium to high – Fruit coated with caramel
  • Body: Medium to Heavy – Syrupy


(Casa Ruiz / Boquete / 1600m asl)

Cold Brew

  • Flavour: Cinnamon, sweet spices, cherries
  • Acidity: Medium – Sweet cherries
  • Sweetness: Medium – Spiced ripe fruit
  • Body: Light to medium – Black tea like

Hot Brew

  • Flavour: Cinnamon, cardamon, Honeysuckle
  • Acidity: Medium – Honeysuckle juice
  • Sweetness: Medium to high – caramelised cinnamon
  • Body: Medium – Strong Black tea, a bit coating


(Dipilito, Nueva Segovia / Santa Maria de Lourdes / 1500m asl)

Cold Brew

  • Flavour: Morello Cherries
  • Acidity: Medium – Sour cherries candy
  • Sweetness: Medium – Cherry jelly
  • Body: Medium – Jammy

Hot Brew

  • Flavour: Ripe Morello cherries, Rosehip
  • Acidity: Medium – Rosehip lemon infusion
  • Sweetness: Medium to high – simple syrup
  • Body: Medium – Coating


Régine Guion-Firmin.


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