The Other Benefits of Used Ground Coffee

The Other Benefits of Used Ground Coffee (… and coffee!)


Every morning , I enjoy power walking or and going to gym. It improves my olfactory senses.

20160913_093444-1Therefore, a large dose a Caffeine is needed!!

As caffeine relaxes your muscles, it increases your dopamine, and makes you happy to sweat and push your limits.


However not only the beautiful brew is good you, the used ground coffee is good too. It should be kept. For your plant, off course but also for your skin and hair.

grind-coffee-3After sweating for some time at the gym or in the park, you will be dying for a good shower.

Use your morning used ground coffee, add your regular liquid soap and some water, mix it, then scrub your all body, from head to toe…

You will feel rejuvenated!

Your pores will be deep clean, your cellulites will be smoothen, your skin will be soft as baby skin, your scalp will be rejuvenated and your hair stronger and shiny.

However, if, like me, you have curly hair, some coffee will be stucked in your hair for a good week. But when your hair is beautiful some tiny pieces of coffee should not be a big deal.

img_20160913_183039You need to know that this process is very messy for you r bathroom.

Your shower or bathtub will be covered with ground coffee, but everything will be sparkling clean as soon you rinse  it as the used ground coffee will also scrub your bathtub or shower.

20160913_181947If you prefer to use something less messy, but quite cheap, try Minor Figures coffee soaps. Other products containing coffee can be quite pricey and they have only a tiny amount of coffee or caffeine extract.

So, what coffee, therefore caffeine is good for? 

  • Relaxed muscles
  • increase of dopamine
  • smooth skin and scalp
  • shiny hair
  • radiant face
  • Happier you!


Régine Guion-Firmin.



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