How to maintain your cloth filters

How to maintain your cloth filters

20160320_200146Cloth filters are used in several brewing methods, the Woodneck, the V60, the Chemex and the AeroPress.20160320_201625

Cloth filters are great because the increase the body of the brew, the y are reusable easy to clean, but if the cleaning is poorly done your filter will become mouldy, for the Woodneck, the mouldy filter will corrode the metal ring, you brew will be dry and tainted.

  1. Clean your cloth filter(s) with clear water. No chemical.
  2. Boiled your filter in filtered  or bottled water for 10 minutes.20160320_202049
  3. Threw the dirty water away, and do it again until the water is clear.

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  4. Dry them/it on a cloth-line until it’s well dry (minimum 24 hours).20160320_222028
  5. CLEAN!!! And ready to be used!20160321_054133



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