1 bag of beans, 5 brewing methods

When you get a special coffee that you want to explore, do not be afraid to be adventurous; try different methods, different recipes, write them all down and review. Recording your experiments will improve your knowledge.

Don’t be afraid, I will not be too technical. I am just going share with you my own experiments, my mistakes using the same recipe on several brewing method, hopefully encouraging you to try these beans, and do the same exercise and share your experience.

First, the beans….

Today’s beans : Yemen Mocha Matari, Natural process, roasted by Olga Sabristova from Die Kaffe Privatrösterei in Düsseldorf . A medium body coffee, very milk chocolatey, with some hint of caramel and liquorice, and nicely balanced and softly tarty light acidity. 

Freshly roasted beans will release CO2. You will notice bubble soap on your slurry, sign that your coffee is fresh.

Make sure that your beans has been roasted less than a month!

Then, the brewing methods: V60, Kalita, Clever, AeroPress (straight and reversed) and Chemex

Last, the recipe I will use for all these methods: 15g of coffee, 250ml of spring water heated at 93°C.

Let’s start with the V60.Yemen - V60

  • Brewing time: 1min 51sec
  • Brew: 219.5ml
  • TDS: 1.22%
  • Extracted Mass: 17.85%

For this brewing method, the grind of my coffee will be medium, like caster sugar. I can taste milk chocolate, very light hint of orange, and slightly under-extracted.

Let’s try again but with a slightly finer grind.

  • Brewing time: 2min 19sec
  • Brew: 219ml
  • TDS: 1.23%
  • Extracted Mass: 17.9%

Now the milk chocolate taste is much more pronounced with some liquorice and nice tarty after taste.

Well, it looks like the grind was not fine enough at the beginning, but the taste improved as soon I changed the grind size. I could also use more coffee. One or the other might do the trick, but always remember to always change one parameter at time, or you will get confused.

20160204_142745Now Kalita.

I keep the my grinder on the same setting of the second V60.

  • Brewing time: 2min 30sec
  • Brew: 214ml
  • TDS: 1.3%
  • Extracted Mass: 18.55%

Same grind size, however the flat bottom of the Kalita improves the extraction. I can taste sweet baker’s chocolate, mixed with caramel and liquorice, well balanced with a light after taste of sweet clementine.

Same grind. New method. Clever Dripper.20160204_144707

  • Steeping time: 2min / Plunging time: 1min 10sec
  • Brew: 200ml
  • TDS: 1.22%
  • Extracted Mass: 16.26%

The taste is dominantly milky chocolate, slightly quite balanced…. but light. Maybe changing the dose will improve the taste. Well let’s try a different immersion.

AeroPress, straight method. 20160204_150732

For my AeroPress, I will use a finer grind, like table salt.

  • Steeping time: 1min / Plunging time: 30sec
  • Brew: 223ml
  • TDS: 1.12%
  • Extracted Mass: 16.65%

Earthy, light milk chocolate, quite light… under-extracted.

AeroPress, reversed method. 20160204_153252

  • Steeping time: 1min / Plunging time: 30sec
  • Brew: 219ml
  • TDS: 1.23%
  • Extracted Mass: 17.95%

We can notice some improvement compare to the straight method. The earthy taste is lighter, and the milky chocolate taste is stronger, but can be improved. Overall, quite light and balanced.

And the last one, Chemex.20160204_161651

Now I will set my grinder on a coarser setting, like granulated sugar.

  • Brewing time: 2min 14sec
  • Brew: 227.5ml
  • TDS: 1.04%
  • Extracted Mass: 16.26%

Light chocolate, under-extracted…. the grind might be to coarse. Let’s make it  slightly finer.

  • Brewing time: 2min 24sec
  • Brew: 225ml
  • TDS: 1.13%
  • Extracted Mass: 16.95%

Sweeter, more chocolate taste… but still not there!


Well, for this coffee, I achieved my best extraction with the Kalita, however, I still think that if I keep the same parameters but increase the dose. Well, with the few coffee I have left, I will try the new recipe.

pal-coffee_lThe use of the refractometer is optional.  But it is very helpful. You can use the cheaper version, the pocket refractometer which is very accurate.

Please, have fun doing the same thing, keep note of everything, and share it. If you happen to go to Düsseldorf, please, visit Die Kaffe.

Schwerinstraße 23, 40477 Düsseldorf, Germany
Schwerinstraße 23, 40477 Düsseldorf, Germany


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