CoLab – Paris 2015: Thou should not drink Monsoon Malabar!

CoLab – Paris 2015

Thou should not drink Monsoon Malabar!


– Tuesday: The show must go on –

Blue – like the setting of landscape painting let’s start covering the canvass with the sky.

Télescope – Where it all started


After a timid (from my part) start up and a great welcome (from the CoLab team) I
got my CoLab’s lanyard. The team has decided with reason not to give up to fear and carry on with the event. Great decision!

First coffee sip there, and first connection with Square Miles, then Sam Sullivan (the new BGE Events Coordinator) and her husband, an aromatic environment crowded with caffeinated junkies. Everybody is enjoying espresso based beverage and AeroPress.


Blackburn – Caffeine to the People!

Read the article I wrote about this totally under assumed really nice place. I got there my must have ‘Disloyalty Card’, on partnership with Matamata Coffee Bar, Loustic Café, Dose Dealer de Café and Blackburn.

Lockwood – Warm up


Now, it ‘s time to loosen up a bit, and it is much easier with a nice glass on wine, even more than one, mostly when served in a elbow room brick stonewall cave. This at that time I met Eugene Penna, an Italian born Australian future owner of Maffeo’s Journey (link), who became my caffeinated partner for the 3 CoLab days, I also had a little chat with Bridgeen from Established Coffee (Belfast), a place to visit next year.




– Wednesday: Let’s get started! –

White – The speakers are treated like royalty by us however share with us have the same innocent enthusiasm for knowledge.

The Modern Coffee Heroes

CoLab - Paris 2015, coutume instituutti
CoLab – Paris 2015, coutume instituutti

Tim Wendelboe talked about how he treats, with bacterias the soil his coffee field in Columbia. Hopefully we should get positive results in 3 to 4 years, in a form of a glorious coffee harvest which we can’t wait to taste, this natural method will become the future of a culture of coffee free of chemical pesticides.

Stéphane Cataldi
, had his first ever public talk, which was very inspiring. Stéphane talked about his roasting journey in the world of specialty Coffee. His story was for me the highlight of my coffee journey. Stéphane, like some of us, happened to be one of the victim of the unfamous Moonsoon Malabar, which him and other talker advise us wisely not to drink it, but learn a lot from it… Innocence is bliss. He started his roasting journey at a very early age, being from Italian background. Stéphane was the first in France to put a roasting date on the bag (and by the way, bag much more suitable for coffee beans). He is the pioneer of the Speciality Coffee Roasting in France.

Patrik Rolf Karlson, from Five Elephant, connected roasting and brewing. Understanding one is the secret to master the other, and vice and versa. It sounds simple, it seems common sense…well you know what we say about common sense! Anyway, Patrik instructed us about what makes a good roaster and what make a good brewer. I always believed that learning roasting will improve brewing knowledge, having a roaster having a talk about this and agreeing with you was very exhilarating.

CoLab – Paris 2015, coutume instituutti

Logical Humanists

Morten Münchow, from Coffee-Mind, introduced us to the several researches Coffee-Mind is involved in, like the Evaluation for Foam properties using Video Analysis and Feature Extraction, very interesting.

Katie Carguilo, from Counter Culture Coffee, gives us a beautiful artistic view of her journey into the green coffee. It was quite inspirational.

And last of the day, but not least, Klaus Thomsen from Coffee Collective, made us aware about the farmers and their pickers welfare. This was the most emotional humanist view of the day, but Klaus, wanting to be proactive about improving this situation, informs customers by marking on the Coffee Collective bags how much goes to the farmers/pickers. Revolutionary!


– Thursday: Connecting our knowledge and taste buds –

Red – Let’s work together for better Coffee World!

Cupping Time at Café Lomi with Paul, the roaster, where I met Zsuzsa Zicho from Modern Standards, had a great chat with Steward and Christina from workshop Coffee two great guys (sorry I forgot their names) from Cuperus Koffie who told me about a coffee festival in Antwerp organize by 32cup in February 2016.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bellevile Brûlerie

Then head to Belleville Brûlerie, with my 3 days coffee partner, Eugene, to meet Hannah Davies from Bewleys (new BGE Finance and Partnership Coordinator) where we enjoyed a beautiful citrusy Kochere coffee, from Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia.

Ten Belles
Ten Belles

After, all three of us, strolled through Paris to Ten Belles, to have delicious toasties and coffee, then to enjoy cakes and more coffee at Holybelly, where we bumped into Sam Sullivan.

Then, after dropping Hannah in the metro, Eugene and I headed to our last stop, which was also the first stop of CoLab, Télescope, where we enjoyed our last coffee before heading on our separate ways promising that we will connect online and meet each other in Australia.

This CoLab happening just after a tragic event, however the coffee community decided to fight against terror, with great coffee, bright smiles and warm support.

Finally I will like to thank

all the team who made this great venture possible,

BGE , Frogfight, Tamper Tantrum, Coutume Instituutti

all the inspiring speakers,

Tim WendelboeStéphane CataldiPatrik Rolf KarlsonMorten MünchowKatie CarguiloKlaus Thomsen,

all the great people I met,

Square MilesBridgeen from Established CoffeeEugene from Maffeo’s JourneySam, BGE Events CoordinatorCuperus KoffieChanna from LousticSteward and Christina from Workshop CoffeeZsuzsa from Modern StandardsHannah Davies from Bewleys, BGE Finance and Partnership Coordinator,

All the great Parisian Coffee Shops I enjoyed

TélescopeBlackburnLockwoodCafé LomiBelleville BrûlerieTen BellesHolybelly

Régine Guion-Firmin.




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