Clever Dripper Brew Guide (Square Mile Coffee Roasters)


By Square Mile Coffee Roasters

These great little brewers offer the best of both brewing styles! Similar in shape to a pour over brew, the big difference here is that there is a stop tap at the bottom of the cone.  This means you can put your coffee in, pour your water over and steep for a desired amount of time.  To drain the cone simply place the brewer on top of your cup and it opens up the tap and drains out.  There is a small saucer for it to rest on to catch any drips, and a lid to keep the brew hot while steeping.

Use Melitta or Filtropa papers size 4 fit filters – and we recommend using the bleached or white filters for the cleanest taste.

sqm-clever_dripper_1_large1. We recommend using a ratio of 60g of coffee per litre of water.

2. Weigh out as much coffee as you need for the size of your brew.

3. Grind the coffee on a coarse setting (similar to demerara sugar).

4. For best results, use filtered water with a low mineral content.

5. Boil the water then pour some through the filter to rinse and preheat the vessel. Discard the rinse water, then add coffee to the Clever Dripper.

6. We recommend placing the Clever Dripper on some weighing scales and tare to zero, so you can easily add the correct amount of water.

7. Let the coffee steep for 2 minutes, then use a spoon to stir the crust of coffee grounds that sits on top.

8. Place the Clever Dripper on top of your desired serving vessel to release the valve. The coffee should drain within 1 minute.



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