Step by Step Guide to Milk Texturing & Pouring Technique for Latte Art

Most baristas I encounter want to run before they can walk when it comes to latte art. They think attempting to pour something pretty with poorly textured milk will do the job. But the reality is, your cappuccino must also taste phenomenal. Here is a step by step guide to ensure your cappuccino not only looks exquisite, but satisfies the consumer’s palate.


The pouring technique

Before you attempt your first latte art, perfect the texture of your milk. To ensure that you get smooth, silky textured foam, don’t rush the pour, give the milk the time it deserves and ensure the surface of the milk is beautifully polished. While pouring, focus on the tilt of your cup and your jug, ensure that both are straight and there is a steady stream of milk. The speed of your pour and the angle at which you hold your cup can determine a good or bad pour. Start at a height of about 5cm and end up right against or just above the cup. Begin your pour a little slower and then speed up and drop the jug about half way through the pour, depending on the pattern you are pouring.

When learning to pour, remember to try not to wiggle at all, simply focus on controlling the speed, angles and heights from which you pour.

And finally

All baristas have the potential to create the most delicious tasting and creative latte art, but it requires a lot of energy and skill which come with time, patience and experience. Remember when you’re starting out that less is more and stick to the basics. As baristas, we have the opportunity to pour a little bit of our personality on the surface of every coffee we make. But remember, each person has a slightly different expectation of what makes a great coffee.

Written by S. Aupiais and edited by M Whiting.

Feature Photo Credit: Wolfpack Coffee

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