Homemade Espresso Liqueur

Homemade Espresso Liqueur

80g of finely ground coffee (preferably medium roast)
1l of light rum

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Mix coffee and liqueur in a container and let it steep for one month.
Some time, check if the coffee is completely immersed.

After one month, make a simple syrup.
In a pan put:
50g of raw Sugar,
50cl of water,
1/2 Vanilla pod,
2 large leaves of Cinnamon.
On the stove set low for around 10 min,  until the sugar is completely dissolved.
Let the simple syrup cool off for 1 to 2 hours,  then add it to the 1 month old liqueur.

Let it steep for another week.

Filtrate the liqueur 3 to 4 time until it is ground coffee free.

Enjoy responsibly!


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