The French Press

The French Press


You will need

  • 3 Cup French Press
  • 17g of coarsely ground coffee
  • 250ml of hot water (94/96°C, just before the water boils)
  • Bamboo spatula
  • Scale
  • Stopwatch

Pouring and stirring time : 30 sec
Steeping time : 3 min 30 sec

1) Pre – heat the French Press, then put it on the scale. Put the scale on tare.
2)  Add 15g of freshly coarsely ground coffee. Put the scale on tare.
3) Pouring and stirring, 30 sec :
Slowly pour the water in a circular movement. It will be easier with a pouring kettle. Stir well with a bamboo spatula.
4) Steeping 3 min 30 sec :
Put the plunger in . Push it in in order to keep the slurry 0,5cm below the surface of the water. Steep.
5) Time’s up! Plunge at once.
6) Decante the entire coffee in a preheated decanter or cups or a mug.
7) Enjoy!


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