Making Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee

Making Concentrated Cold Brew Coffee

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  1. grind coarsely 340g of coffee
  2. Add 1,4L of filtered water
  3. Within 1 hour, check again if all the grind is soaked. Once done, let it steep at room temperature for the remaining time.
  4. 24 hours up, your brew should look like a large disintegrated espresso full of soaked ground coffee.
  5. Grab a bottle, a funnel and Hario filter. Start filtering your brew. Many filters will be needed!
  6. Et voilà! 0.75L of delicious Concentrated Cold Brew. Mix it with 2 parts of cold or hot water and you get your coffee!

It will stay fresh in your fridge or in a cool place for 2 weeks.

There is no acidity, great for people with stomach acidity problems. They can finally enjoy coffee again.

It contains 30% less caffeine than a regular V60 or French Press.

Think about Concentrated Cold Brew next time you buy instant coffee.


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