Polskie kawy my own way! Nzdrowie!

Polskie kawy

IMG_20140820_114836I am on  holiday, and I brought my Aeropress, hand grinder, a 12 oz milk pitcher,  my pocket scale, my electronic probe, some V60 filters (oops! Forgot about the V60) and some coffee beans with me.
A day, a Polish acquaintance ask me for some kawa (‘coffee’ in Polish) but my way. Normally you supposed to leave the ground coffee in your coffee cup while you seeping it, however I prefer steeping the coffee for 2 min then filter it.
Well, I forgot to bring my V60, so I DIYed one.

What a treat!

17g of medium roasted coffee – 250ml of hot water (93°C) – 2 min steeping time!











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