Coffee Tour – Paris May 2014


Last week-end, I visited 3 great independent coffee shop in my hometown, Paris. Amazing Flat White, delicious food, very friendly staff! If you can’t speak French, don’t worry, the staff speaks fluent English.

Being used to the abundance of fantastic independent coffee shops we have in London, enjoying these 3 independent coffee shops was an amazing experience. We, Parisians, have great heritage of cultural. intellectual and political cafés where what you say is much more important than what you drink, as long it is a dark liquorice liquid.

However, how great these cafés can be, they are not very attractive to an audience who enjoys a great cup of coffee and are curious about what is behind this great cup of coffee.

Now, thanks to these coffee aficionados, independent  coffee shops are landing in my hometown!!!


Let us a dream about a ‘Paris Coffee Week event’!


Café Lomi, Roastery (3ter rue Marcadet, Paris 18)

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Ten Belles, Coffee Shop (10 rue de la Grange aux Belles, Paris 10)

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Holybelly, Coffee Shop (19 rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris 10)

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