Mastering the Aeropress (04 March – London Coffee Festival)



With some helpful hints from Make Decent Coffee specialist barista, Sean Pittaway, Kay Lockett attempts to master the Aeropress.

There are several things you will need:
•An Aeropress
•14 grams of freshly ground coffee
•300ml fresh filtered water
•Pouring kettle
•Filter paper

It feels a little like a science experiment as I pick up the unassuming interlocking plastic tubes while waiting for the kettle to boil. As soon as I hear the water begin to rumble before boiling, I take it off the heat so I don’t burn the coffee.

I set up the Aeropress by removing the black filter cap and place a new, clean filter paper into the filter cap and re-fit to the Aeropress chamber.

I then place the complete chamber on to my favourite mug and pour 40ml of hot water through the chamber and filter. Sean tells me this is an important step to wash away the papery taste of the filter and prevent it entering the cup, as well as heating up my mug.

I grind 14g of beans slightly finer than your average filter grind. I use a helpful funnel to prevent spillage as I pour the ground coffee inside the Aeropress, but still manage to make a bit of a mess.

A wave of excitement hits me as it’s time to add the hot water and begin my brew. After a little shake to level out the coffee inside, I balance the Aeropress back onto the top of my mug and with iPhone in hand I slowly pour in the water. My timer starts as soon as the water hits the coffee and I pour up to the number four marked on the side of the chamber. Once up to four, I give the coffee a quick stir eight times.

After waiting for the longest 30 seconds ever to give the coffee time to infuse with the water, I slowly push down on the plunger, fighting the urge to press too hard. Sean said that there is no need to be heavy handed as the air pressure pushing down onto the Aeropress is the important part. I wait for the hissing sound and stop pushing as going any further may force coffee grounds into my cup, which will spoil the coffee.

I lift off this magical piece of kit, add a splash of cold milk and then thoroughly enjoy drinking my fresh, at home brew that was not as difficult to create as I had anticipated.

Head to the Make Decent Coffee Lounge at The London Coffee Festival to learn home brewing techniques from the experts and check out the pop up shop where you can buy all the tools you need to get making decent coffee straight away.

Words by Kay Lockett


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