London’s best AeroPress coffees (Evening Standards – 21/03/2014)

London’s best AeroPress coffees

AeroPress has London caffeinistas talking in hushed, reverent tones and explaining its percolation in pedantic detail (it’s all about air, people). If the technical mysticism goes over your head, get a barista to mix one for you instead. Here’s where to get London’s best AeroPress

Breath of fresh air: Fika in Brick Lane

Workshop Coffeebar

The W1 outpost of the Clerkenwell institution, Workshop Coffeebar is a pared-back, airy affair — sip on an AeroPress and watch the well-heeled Wigmore Street workers wander by.

75 Wigmore Street, W1,



Shoreditch-based Ozone employs master baristas trained in a number of different coffee processes, AeroPress being just one of several. Bring a MacBook Air to fit in.

11 Leonard Street, EC2,



Slick and stylish, Kaffeine is an independent café run by Australians and New Zealanders, committed to spreading the AeroPress revolution.

66 Great Titchfield Street, W1,



Come to Holloway Road stalwart Vagabond for the AeroPress coffee, stay for the live music.

105 Holloway Road, N7



Nestled on Brick Lane, Fika has a roof terrace: fanatics say AeroPress is best enjoyed in the open air.

161 Brick Lane, E1,


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